Asian Water buffalo Exotic Animal Hunting

Seminole Prairie Safaris Ranch, Florida game preserve, expect to see many types of animals. You will be able to hunt axis deer, Blackbuck, and Sika. To Pere David, Berasinga, and water buffalo. Seminole Prairie Safaris has a thick cover on 2000 acres for these animals to hide, so the hunting is not like any other game ranch. These exotic animal hunts are as wild as any native game across the United States. Enjoy the native Seminole land and stalk around the ranch while trying to harvest your quarry. If you want a real challenge, bring a bow and arrow and close the distance on a roaring axis buck during the rut or chase a beautiful Blackbuck across the open prairie. You will be more than surprised at the quality and attention you will receive on your exotic animal hunt here at Seminole Prairie Safaris.

All exotic hunts have a daily rate of $250. *Lodging can be added for $125 per person.