Bow Fishing Florida Hunting


The Fastest Growing Outdoor Sport
We have the equipment or bring your own.

Lake Okeechobee houses a vast ecosystem, which includes many invasive species such as Tilapia and Plecostomus, aka Pleco fish. Although there are thousands upon thousands of each one-shot that helps the ecosystem, ask any of the pro bass guides on Lake Okeechobee. Our bows can be customized for men, women, and children of all ages left or right-handed. We can back the poundage all the way down for young children or extend the draw length out to 32 inches for grown men. 

Central Florida Bowfishing Charter
By Airboat

Experience the power of one of these water machines. Don’t worry we won’t only take you out for a ride we will also put you on some fish to complete your Florida bow fishing adventure. Bowfishing charter off an airboat will allow you for bowfish the marshes, also covering more water faster.

What’s included?
Equipment bow and arrows, and all supplies needed to shoot fish -Ice and cooler for fish on the boat. Fishermen will need to bring their own cooler if you want to take home fish. Some of the fish you will be shooting is tilapia, and these fish are great fish to eat.

We do provide drinks and snacks for you.

If you would like lodging for your bow fishing charter we offer are a 5-star lodge. Please visit our lodging page for more information.