Private Land

Private land alligator hunts are conducted year round. On this alligator hunt we target the specific size gator that the client is looking for. Expect to glass many alligators in ponds and reservoirs from a distance. Once the right size gator is spotted, a stalk is then started. Don’t let alligators fool you, they have excellent sense of smell, hearing, eyesight, and can also feel vibrations. Getting within comfortable shooting range can be a challenge since the target is a little bigger then a quarter.

Public Land

Do not misinterpret “public land alligator hunt”. This is one of the highest success alligator hunts in the country. Seminole Prairie Safaris offer both a sport gator hunt and a trophy gator hunt. You can leave your rifle at home as this alligator hunt is done with either a crossbow, compound bow, or harpoon.

Florida Sport Alligator Hunt

On the sport gator hunt we go after a 7-8 ft. gator and cruise around the marshes on an air-boat until we get close enough to take a shot. Once an arrow or harpoon dart is in the gator you will be grabbing a hold of the line and fighting him back to the boat. You will then deliver a 44 magnum from a bang stick to the alligators head.

Florida Trophy Alligator Hunt

We have very high success on this hunt. Most of the gators taken on this hunt are in the 10-11 foot range. Hunting hours on this hunt take place from 5pm-10am the following morning, however, we typically stop hunting a couple of hours after dark since it is hard to tell the size of gators but will be right back at it the following morning at daybreak. We will cruise around lake Okeechobee and other public public bodies of water (depending where the tags are good for) in a Grizzly 18ft boat by a 115 Suzuki. This allows us to cover a lot of water and look at tons of gators. We cover 30 miles one way very frequently; this gives the hunter many gators to look at. Once what we spot a trophy gator we will glass him over with binoculars from a distance to confirm. After we decide that it is indeed a trophy gator we will let out about a ¼ mile of braided fishing line with a set of rotten hog lungs for bait. We will use the lungs as a type of top water plug, pretty much fishing for gators. Once the gator takes the bait you have to really finesse the fishing rod since it is illegal to use a baited hook, the gator can spit the bait at anytime. When the gator surfaces near the boat the hunter will then shoot it with a crossbow (or compound bow if hunter wishes to use their own equipment), which puts a line, and buoy in the gator. We will repeat the process except with a harpoon the second time. Finally a 44-mag bang stick to the head will finish the gator.

Year Round Florida Alligator Hunts

Private Land Prices

  • 6 ft. $1,400
  • 7 ft. $1,500
  • 8 ft. $1,750
  • 9 ft. $2,750
  • 10 ft. $3,750
  • 11 ft. $4,750
  • 12 ft. $5,750
  • 13 ft. $10,000

All private land hunts have a $250 daily rate added onto gator prices. Lodging and meals can also be added for $125 per person

Public Land Prices

Public land hunts are only conducted Aug15th-Oct 31st with limited tags.

Sport gator package
Includes 6-8 ft gator, lodging and meals for 2 days

Trophy gator package
Includes a 9’+ gator and 3 days lodging/meals.

If tags are available, you can add on a sport gator for $750 if tags are available