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Best Quality Cultipacker Till-Ease Model TP2760

Best Quality Cultipacker Till-Ease Model TP2760

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Wheel Kit
3-Point Kit


60″ wide all-in-one unit. Optional kits allow this Cultipacker to be mounted to an ATV/UTV or tractor, all within a matter of minutes. Simply pin to the hitch on an ATV/UTV or 3-point mount to a tractor. Great tool for providing the proper seed to soil contact. That translates to faster more dependable seed germination.

Features (specs, highlights, etc)

  • 60″ Packer Width
  • 27 Individual Cast Iron Packer Wheels
  • Agricultural Grade Greasable Bearings
  • Solid 1-3/4″ Steel Shaft
  • Heavy Duty Structural Frame
  • Optional Kits to Allow for Flip-Over Wheel Transport or 3-Point Tractor Mounting.


                        MODEL TP2760
                        Tillage Tool Type Cultipacker
                        Transport Method
                        Wheels – Flip Over Designs Optional with Wheel Kit
                        3-Point – Tractor Mount Optional with 3-Point Kit
                        Packer Wheels (Agricultural Quality) Cast Iron with Crushing Knobs
                        Number of Cast Iron Packer Wheels 27
                        Packer Wheel Size 9.5″ Dia.
                        Packer Wheel Shaft Bearings Greasable 1-3/4″ Pillow Block
                        Width 60″
                        Tongue Hitch Method Quick Remove Pin
                        Pneumatic Tire (Included with Wheel kit) 13/500×6, 2 Ply Turf
                        3-Point Category (Included with 3-Point Kit) Category 1, Standard & Quick Hitch Compatible
                        Weight 321 lbs. (Std.), 336 lbs. (With Kits)
                        Warranty 1 Year Non-Commercial

                        (*FOB Mendota, IL)
                        *Prices do not include shipping costs and may vary in different locations.
                        *Reserves the right to change specifications or discontinue products without notice.


                        The Model TP2760 features 27 individual agricultural quality packer wheels that are made out of cast iron. Each packer wheel is 9-1/2" in diameter and has crushing knobs that help to reduce clod size and create moisture retaining dimples in the soil.

                        The packer wheels are mounted on a heavy duty 1-3/4" diameter solid steel shaft.

                        Each end of the shaft is held in place with large agricultural grade bearings. These bearings are greasable and feature heavy-duty triple lip seals.

                        Every Model TP2760 Cultipacker comes standard with a clevis and pin.


                        Wheel Kit: 

                        The optional Wheel Kit equips the Model TP Cultipackers with two pneumatic tires for transport.

                        • Simply flip the Cultipacker over on the tires for transport.
                        • Tires are positioned very close to the center of gravity to make the flip-over process very easy.
                        • Easy bolt-on design allows for quick wheel removal if necessary.

                        3-Point Kit: 

                        The optional 3-Point Kit equips the Model TP Cultipackers with the pins and brackets needed to mount to a tractor 3-point hitch.

                        • Quickly transformed from a pull style Cultipacker to a 3-point tractor mounted Cultipacker.
                        • Works great for customers that want to use both an ATV/UTV and tractor.
                        • Designed for all Category 1 3-point hitch systems.
                        • Quick Hitch compatible.

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