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Autonomous Rover Customizable with Built-in Sensors

Autonomous Rover Customizable with Built-in Sensors

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Our platforms are very customizable with a variety of different sensors and use cases. Our platforms can be used for mowing, hauling heavy loads, or moving small trailers. We offer optional hitches, obstacle avoidance, and multiple different GPS accuracies to fit everyone's needs. From target practice to farm chores this robot is here for you.

 Specifications & Dimensions:

  • All items featured are with a large motor.
  • Dimensions are 34x26x19 overall. That includes the outer limits of the wheels and from the ground to the top of the lid.
  • All units come powder coated.
  • Hitch with 2” Ball.
  • 4WD

Autonomous RoverPulling Capacity:

  • Towing payload of 1200 lbs
  • Can pull any pull behind mower like Kunz
  • Can pull trailers around and you can put a load directly on top of the unit
  • Can pull all small land implements like these rollers crimpers and cultipackers

Carrying capacity:

The limits do vary on the 4WD models from straight lines to turning because of the fact that they are skid steer-type vehicles. This means that they will be able to carry more weight going in a straight line than they are able to while turning. This is weight that can be directly set on the machine. 

  • Carrying capacity 4WD: 500 lbs straight line and 275 lbs while turning.


Unit Weights:

  • The 4WD Versions weigh about 210 lbs


  • Salt Spreading and Plowing During Winter Months

  • Mowing fields, trails and roads. ( Slope mowing made easy! )

  • Moving Small Trailers or backing them in tight spaces

  • Home Security Patrolling 

  • Monitoring Hard to Reach Areas with our Live Camera

  • Autonomous Planting of Small Plots

  • Weed spraying


How It Works:

There are multiple switches on the remote control.
Right joystick: controls manual movements of the robot
Left joystick: “cruise control mode” this mode allows the robot to travel in a straight path until you turn it off
Switch B: allows the robot to turn in a circle. You can vary how big the circle is by varying the cruise control lever (left joystick).

The archery targets do not use GPS, but instead, use custom software that has been developed to allow them to move in the pre programmed paths that come with the robot.

The remote control will reach out to 1/4 mile.

  • Up to 14 Hours of Battery Life

  • 6-10 Channel Remote Control

  • Available Accuracy of 3cm or less

  • Payload Rating of up to 1,200 lbs

  • Top Speed of 5.7 MPH


The robots have undergone many tests including battery life testing, charging capabilities, challenging terrain, as well as many other tests to ensure the quality of these machines is adequate for outdoor use. All of these rovers are made out of steel and each one is hand inspected before leaving our facility. Each machine that is ordered will come with an instruction sheet, a charger, and remote control to allow the user to be able to control their machine straight out of the box.


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