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D-BOX Blue

D-BOX Blue

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The DECKED D-Box (toolbox) maximizes drawer storage efficiency and organization, nesting within the DECKED drawers and Tool Box.

Fits all full-size drawers, midsize wide drawers, and the DECKED Tool Box.

The DECKED D-Box takes the ergonomic advantage of the DECKED storage system to the next level. The durable D-Box maximizes drawer storage efficiency and organization, utilizing an interlocking, nested design with strategically placed handle locations. Gasket sealed for ultimate water resistance. Made 100% in America. 

A short full-size 5' 5" bed length system will accommodate two D-Boxes per drawer and a standard full-size 6' 6" system will accommodate three D-Boxes per drawer.

Two D-boxes fit in any midsize wide drawers. Does not fit the midsize system narrow drawer. 

All Tool Boxes come with one Blue D-Box. Tool Boxes with a ladder will accommodate one D-Box and Tool Boxes without a ladder can accommodate two D-Boxes. 

Order two D-Boxes and the second ships FREE (limited to accessory orders)! 



  • 20.5" x 17.5" x 8"
  • 1821 cubic Inches
  • 50 lb weight limit


  • Recessed Locking Levers
  • EPDM Gasket
  • 2 Grip Points
  • Horizontal & Vertical Carry Handles
  • Ruler & Common Bolt/Bit Guide
  • 2 Dividers
The toolbox was designed to carry a weight of 50 lbs, and we did drop testing analysis to show it would survive a drop test from a normal carrying height or from the height of an open tailgate on a pickup. 50 lb is the max weight one should carry, but only for shorter distances while using both hands (using our grip locations) with the toolbox close to one’s chest as one would carry a heavy box. To sum things up, our toolbox is capable of carrying loads greater than one should carry on a regular basis. 
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