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Ripping It Hunting

Florida Fallow Deer Hunting Trip

Florida Fallow Deer Hunting Trip

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Florida's Best Fallow Deer Hunting Trip

Get to experience the largest Fallow Deer herd in Florida and the eastern US!

Fallow deer hunting with Ripping It Outdoors is an unforgettable experience. These beautiful animals are a prized possession for any hunter's trophy room and are sought after for their stunning palmated antlers with numerous points. Native to Europe, fallow deer come in a variety of colors, ranging from white to dark chocolate, with some carrying rows of faded white spots.

Weighing in at an average of 200 lbs for a three-year-old buck, fallow deer make for excellent table fare. Their hard horns can be hunted from September through April, and they prefer thick wooded habitats. We recommend hunting fallows from a tree stand over food sources such as food plots and acorns for the most effective hunting experience. We can spot and stalk as well if you are up for one of the toughest challenges there are on our ranch.

Our expert guides will take you through the stunning Florida wilderness to hunt these elusive animals. Spot and stalk hunting is available for those who prefer a more challenging experience. 

Fallow Deer have some of the best tasting meat out of any animal on our ranches. You will be hooked from your first bite.

Booking your fallow deer hunting trip with us is easy. Come experience the thrill of the hunt with Ripping It Trips. 

Booking from: September to April

Once you've successfully harvested your fallow deer, we can assist you in arranging the processing of the meat and taxidermy services. We work with trusted and licensed local processors and taxidermists to ensure the highest quality results. (rates vary depending on selections)

An overnight stay at the lodge with dinner and a continental breakfast included can be added for $200 per person/night. Stay 2 or more nights and you will enjoy our world class lunch as well!

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