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Best Quality Rough Cut Mower AcrEase Model MR55KEI

Best Quality Rough Cut Mower AcrEase Model MR55KEI

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Optional Wetlands Kit
Optional Electric Lift Kit
Optional Floatation Kit


Top of the line 57″ rough cut model with a commercial grade twin cylinder electric start engine and electric clutch blade engagement.  Works great behind an ATV, UTV or small tractor for larger acreage jobs.

Features (specs, highlights, etc)

  • 57″ Cutting Width
  • 27 HP Kohler Commercial Grade Twin Cylinder Engine
  • Fuel Injected
  • Commercial Grade Deck Assembly
  • 4 Tire Design
  • Quick Two Crank Height Adjust System
  • Height Adjustment Range From 2″ to 8″
  • Electric Clutch Blade Engagement
  • Conservative 2″ Diameter Sapling Rating
  • Pull Directly Behind or Fully Offset to the Side of the Tow Vehicle.


              MODEL MR55KEI
              Class Mower Rough Cut (Rear Discharge)
              Engine Make OHV Kohler Commercial
              Engine Model Confident Twin EFI
              Engine HP 27
              Lubrication Method Pressure With Filter (Low Oil Pressure Shut-Off Included)
              Air Filter Type Cyclonic Air Filtration System
              Electric Start (Battery not included) Yes
              Hour/Tach Meter Optional
              Number of Mower Blades 2-30″
              Blade Tip Speed (ft/mm) 19000
              Cutting Width 57″
              Cutting Height 2.0 to 8.0 By Two Cranks
              Hitch Direct Behind or Full Offset to Either Side
              Blade Engagement Clutch Electric Clutch
              Deck Metal Thickness 10 GA (.135″)
              Deck Top Plate Thickness Two 1/4″ Thick Plates
              (Blade Spindle Attachment Area)
              Weight 580 lbs
              Pneumatic Fixed Rear Tires 15/600×6, 4 Ply Tubeless (Flat Proof Option Available)
              Pneumatic Front Tires on Casters 5.30/4.50×6, 4 Ply Tubeless (Flat Proof Option Available)
              Fuel Tank Size 3 Gal.
              Blade Spindles
              Shaft Size 30 mm (1-3/16″)
              Bearing # 6206-2RST
              Drive Method 1 B Section “V” Belt (Kevlar)
              Warranty 1 Year Commercial
              Warranty – Engine 3 Year Commercial

              (*FOB Mendota, IL)
              *Prices do not include shipping costs and may vary in different locations.
              *Reserves the right to change specifications or discontinue products without notice.


              27HP Kohler Confidant commercial grade twin cylinder engine with EFI (Fuel Injection)

              The blade spindles used on the AcrEase mowers are built out of heavy-duty welded steel hubs, 30mm (1-3/16") steel shafts, machined steel blade holders and large sealed ball bearings.

              The cutting height can quickly and easily be adjusted from 2"-8" with the two crank height adjustment system.

              The main deck is built out of 10 GA (.135") thick steel with a 1/4" thick steel top plate for reinforcement. An additional 1/4" thick steel plate is welded in the blade spindle mounting location. The three layers of steel in the blade spindle mounting area add up to just over 5/8" thick.

              Unique twin blade design provides more of a mulch action that reduces the size of the clippings and reduces bunching.

              The blades are engaged with an electric clutch which is activated by simply pulling a switch. Electric clutches can extend the life of the belt and reduce overall belt maintenance.

              The tow bar features a farm clevis type connection. This system provides more degrees of motion than most types of hitching systems. This is necessary to prevent binding in rough uneven terrain.

              Large 3-1/4 gallon fuel tank that provides 3 to 3-1/2 hours of run time



              Floatation Kit: 

              An extra front and back tire can be added to the center section of the mower deck.

              • Great for mowing around ponds and on rough uneven ground where scalping would normally occur.
              • Clamping style receiver allows for adjustments from side to side with both the front and rear tires.
              • Pinned receivers make for quick kit removal when not needed.
              • Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers.

              Wetlands Kit: 

              The Wetlands Kit consists of an extra set of tires and mounting brackets.

              • Great for wetlands or marshy areas that stay wet all year around.
              • Works well in combination with small personal amphibious vehicles and ATVs/UTVs with tracks.
              • Kit more than doubles the tire surface area in contact with the ground.
              • Easy to install.  Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers.
              • The rough cut mower will not float with the wetlands kit installed. Water greater than 2-3″ in depth should be avoided.
              • With the Wetlands Kit installed the minimum cutting height is 3.5″-4″.
              • Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers.

              Electric Lift Kit: 

              The Electric Lift Kit consists of all of the mounting hardware, brackets, electric actuator, and wiring with a remote control panel.

              • Great for constantly changing terrain and grass/brush heights.
              • Allows for quick cutting height changes on the go from the seat of the tow vehicle.
              • Raise up and over rocks and logs with ease.
              • Heavy duty 1500 lb linear screw actuator made by Linak.
              • Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers.
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