Trophy Scan

Trophy Scan is a patented system for celebrating, scoring and replicating trophy game animals, and it’s now exclusively at Los Cazadores. Using 3D scanning technology, your 100% accurate 3D file is added to our secure servers and preserved for safekeeping. If you lose your trophy due to fire, theft or other means, you can have it replicated a number of ways, including a 3D printed wall mount, bronze statue replica, and many other ways.

How to Get Scanned

Book an appointment or bring your trophy into one of our locations during one of our contests and we will scan and score your trophy. If you can’t make it down, contact us and we can help you ship a portable scanner to you, you can scan your trophy and send the scanner back to us. Once we have the file we will upload it to our servers for safekeeping.

Scoring Your Trophy

The Trophy Scan scoring method utilizes a patented technology called VoluMetrics, which was designed by an international team of hunter-programmers to map millions of data points captured by a unique 3D scan of any trophy game animal. Once the data is captured, VoluMetrics’ algorithms compute virtually any measurement with stunning speed and accuracy. VoluMetrics instantly counts, labels and measures all tine lengths, as well as inside, outside and tip-to-tip spreads before recording myriad mass measurements and other calculations.

Because antlers, horns and animal skulls are three-dimensional objects, measuring them in two-dimensional linear units (inches, feet, yards, etc.) is inherently limited. Three-dimensional cubic measurements, however, account for every bit of bone, horn or antler the animal grows without penalizing it for non-uniformity or small tine length. But while the volume of uniform objects is simple to calculate, complex organic shapes such as deer antlers are not.

Replicate Your Trophy

We work with a collection of skilled artisans and 3D printers across the United States. We can send the scan of your trophy to one of our vendors and they will create a one-of-a-kind replica just for you. Reach out to us and we can help start the conversation.

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