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C-MAP REVEAL X - U.S. Lakes West [M-NA-T-211-R-MS]

C-MAP REVEAL X - U.S. Lakes West [M-NA-T-211-R-MS]

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REVEAL™ X - U.S. Lakes West


Experience the X Generation of C-MAP charts - with game-changing Shaded Relief!

C-MAP® REVEAL™ X offers a fresh, dynamic experience. All the great features from DISCOVER X, including Map Inspector Tool, and more – bring the world around you to life with Shaded Relief and feel connected to your surroundings with Satellite Overlay. REVEAL X charts also deliver smooth integration with the Simrad® Companion App and come with 12 months of free online updates.

Next Generation Charts

  • A fresh, dynamic chart experience, making navigation clearer than ever before
  • Optimized data and new chart presentation to give you the best on-the-water navigation experience
  • Always see the data you need without the clutter, optimized at every zoom level
  • Best-in-class Day & Night modes. Stay safe and navigate with ease, whatever the weather, whatever the time of day

Smooth App Integration

  • Link to the Simrad® Companion App – enjoy the same charts and a fully connected experience
  • Plan trips, review tracks, and plot waypoints on the App, then sync straight to your NSX
  • Access NSX manuals, “How To” guides, and much more, directly from the App
  • The future is connected; with C-MAP & Simrad, you’ll be ready

Map Inspector Tool

  • Quickly access the information you need, with a simple touch of the screen
  • Tides & Currents – detailed projections of water level and tidal data to help you plan your day out
  • Detailed Marina Port Plans – docking in an unfamiliar port is no problem when you have precise layouts of thousands of marinas, including slip spaces, restricted areas, and other vital information


  • Smooth App Integration
  • Map Inspector Tool
  • Full-Featured Vector Charts
  • High-Resolution Bathymetry
  • Custom Depth Shading
  • Best-in-Class Day & Night Modes
  • Tides & Currents
  • Detailed Marina & Port Plans
  • Harbor & Approach Details
  • Subscription-Free Autorouting
  • 12 Months Free, Easy Chart Updates
  • Connected Experience – Future-Proof
  • Shaded Relief REVEAL Layer
  • Satellite Imagery

Exclusively for REVEAL X

Shaded Relief

Bring the world around you to life with 3D rendered land and underwater elevation, including areas of ultra-high-resolution – a game-changer for anglers and divers

Satellite Imagery

Feel better connected to your surroundings when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place

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