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Best Quality Chisel Plow Till-Ease Model 543

Best Quality Chisel Plow Till-Ease Model 543

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Optional Drag Harrow
Optional Turning Shovel Kit


43″ wide Chisel Plow / Cultivator with rigid shanks, cutting coulters and electric lift.  Very aggressive top of the line ATV tillage tool capable of deep tillage work.

Features (specs, highlights, etc)

  • 43″ Tillage Width
  • Electric Lift with ATV Operator Controls
  • 5 Front Cutting Coulters
  • Rigid Shanks for Better Ground Penetration
  • Till up to 6″ Deep
  • Narrow Chisel Points & 9″ Wide Field Cultivator Sweeps Included
  • Pull with ATV’s, UTV’s and Small Tractors


                    MODEL 543
                    Tillage Tool Type Yes (With Operator Controls)
                    Number of Cutting Coulters 5
                    Cutting Coulter Size 13.5″ Dia. (Plain Straight Style)(Agricultural Quality)
                    Number of Shanks 5
                    Shank Type Rigid 1-3/8″ Square
                    Adjustable and Quick Remove Shanks Yes
                    Maximum Depth 6″
                    Cultivator Sweep Size 9″ Wide (1-3/4″ Bolt Spacing, 3/8″ Bolt Dia. )(Agricultural Quality)
                    Reversible Point Chisel Sweep Size 2″ Wide (1-3/4″ Bolt Spacing, 3/8″ Bolt Dia. )(Agricultural Quality)
                    Cutting Width 43″
                    Tongue Adjustment Method Top Link Connected to Lift Mechanism
                    Tongue Hitch Method Quick Remove Pin
                    Pneumatic Tire 15/600×6, 4 Ply Tubeless
                    Attachment Receivers Yes
                    Weight Racks Yes
                    Weight 330 lbs (Without Added Weight)
                    Warranty 1 Year Non-Commercial

                    (*FOB Mendota, IL)
                    *Prices do not include shipping costs and may vary in different locations.
                    *Reserves the right to change specifications or discontinue products without notice.


                    Rigid shanks make for effortless penetration in hard ground conditions. Rigid shanks also maintain a constant attack angle which helps to efficiently shatter the ground and lower the pulling load requirement.

                    The Model 543 uses several common style sweeps for different applications. The 9" field cultivator sweeps are used for softer ground conditions or secondary tillage. The chisel points work very well for extremely hard ground conditions. An optional set of turning shovel sweeps can be purchased for working in sod conditions.

                    An electric lift with ATV operator control comes standard. The electric lift makes for very easy depth changes on the go and also allows for raising to transport height from the tow vehicle.

                    The tongue can easily be changed for different hitch heights and tool leveling with the top link adjuster. When set properly the tool frame will stay relatively level as the tool is raised up and down.

                    Weight can be added to the weight racks on both sides of the tool frame. This helps with coulter penetration in harder ground conditions.

                    The Model 543 has shank receivers on both the front and back. These allow for easy shank removal or individual up and down adjustment.

                    Two attachment receivers are located at the back of the tool frame. An optional drag harrow is able to be attached into this location.


                    Drag Harrow: 

                    The optional Drag Harrow consists of the harrow and fastening pins.

                    • Great for final seedbed preparation.
                    • Levels ground and help to reduce clod size.
                    • Spike angle can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal with a total of 7 positions.
                    • Four bar link system allows the harrow to float and follow the contour of the ground.
                    • Drag Harrow height is adjustable with side chains.
                    • Weight rack for conditions where additional weight is needed.

                    Turning Shovel Kit: 

                    The optional Turning Shovel Kit consists of the 3 turning shovels and mounting hardware.

                    • Great for doing the initial tillage in sod conditions.
                    • Turning shovels act similar to a moldboard plow and turn the sod ribbon to the side.
                    • Easier to pull and much less troublesome than normal sweeps in sod.

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